So, my son came over and we were talking. He said something to me which warmed my heart. He said “As much as you think that you are fucked up, you pretty much emotionally stable.”

It was an interesting statement because I am always thinking that I am the one…

I am attempting some more poetry, so here it goes:

I am Baseball

from Rawlings and Cowhide

I am from the mound on the infield

Pointed, with a slab of rubber

It is a hill

I am from the infield dirt

the mixture of sand, slit and clay

Whose feel is soft

I am from the lightning of a magic arm

From Young to Scherzar

From the one-to-one battle that I control

I am baseball

A Shout Out to My Fellow Teachers

It is the end of the 2020–2021 school year and what a fucked up school year it has been.

As fucked up as it has been, all teachers and educators learned that we have one thing in common and that is called resilience…

ABOUT ME — Patrick Weseman and How I Got in the Classroom

Sometimes it feels that life is so random but it really isn’t. I look back at my life and even things that seemed random are really not. I guess they all are part of the master plan.


Thursday, January 21, 2021

This is Me

Baseball Diamonds are Forever as I have been a huge baseball fan since I was a wee tot. I picked up that print/poster many years ago as it used to advertise an exhibit at the Oakland Museum. …

I have really never written poems but I am trying to branch out, here is my first simple one:

I like taking photos like eating chili cheese dogs

I like taking photos like going to the beach

I like taking photos like drinking Dr. Pepper

I like taking photos like watching NASCAR on a Sunday

I like taking photos like being content

I like taking photos like cool crisp days

I like taking photos like the color blue

I like taking photos like playing a good game of cribbage

I like taking photos like listening to Rush

I like taking photos like watching America’s Game

I have been in a blah mood and really need to write more but I get too busy and my brain turns to mush when I get home. I do need to remember this advice:

“ Never be too embarrassed to start small. We all start somewhere but you’re way ahead of everyone doing a whole lot of nothing.”

I really need to remember this in the dribble that I write. It actually makes me feel better.

I go shopping at Smart and Final for groceries in Union Landing Shopping Center in Union City, Ca near where I live. I drive by this memorial a lot. I finally decided to stop and pay my respects. It has been 20 years since that terrible day. The passengers and flight attendants who attempted to regain control of that flight are true heroes:

I didn’t know if I should write about this or not but why not. I have a place of zen that I have been retreating to in my city. It is actually in the unincorporated part of Hayward. The place is Lone Tree Cemetery. …

Patrick weseman

Just a simple man, finding his voice. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not politically correct and not that intellectual but just curious about the world.

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