Friends of Mine

I am not really a Bible thumper or a Jesus freak and as I have written here I keep my faith and personal mythology to myself.

Also, I keep a lot of my politics to myself. For the record, I am an odd duck- I am equal parts progressive and paleolithic.

I just needed to explain that so that this little article and dribble of mine makes some sense.

I have friends from all walks of life. From lawyers to street vendors to a major Hollywood director to ex convicts who have served time for murder and everything in between.

Basically, I don’t really give a fuck who you are. If you are cool with me and we flash on each other then we are good. I am not here tell you how you run your life. It their life. As long as you do the same with me, I am down.

I know it sounds strange but with the strange variety of people I know, my life is a richer and very diverse and I have learned tons from the people around me and I am grateful for the people in my life.

So, with that being sad I was on a work Google hangout discussing some things. It was a bunch of African-American teachers with some white liberals thrown in. Oh and they all are from the Bay Area.

GRRRRR…. I will never do it again or I will shut my black ass up if I have do it again.

We were talking about our President and told them that I don’t support the man or even like him that I read his Twitter everyday and some of the comments that people posted.

These people dropped a collective fucking load and went about batshit crazy on me.

They said “Why do your read that shit”. I said that I found it entertaining and educational. It also taught me how different parts of the nation thinks.

Then I told them about a guy I have been friends since the first day of high school. We met 37 years ago this fall in drama class and have kept up with each other since then.

OOPS, I didn’t mention that he still lives in the 1950’s in his mind. That is where he has always been. He talks about how we need to go back good ol’ American Christian values and where the homos and lesbos (his words) are in the closet. African-Americans and other so-called minorities know their place, smoking cigarettes is accepted in public. The so-called commies and leftists are not be listened to.

Basically he is an equal opportunity bigot. So, how can I, a person of color with left of center views, have been friends with him for almost 4 decades? We kind of flashed on each in drama class our freshman year of high school after I told the drama teacher if he ever used my name as a bad line or pun I would rip his balls off and use them for dice. He thought that I was a rebel like him. So we became friends.

It is strange how people like that enter my life. I am grateful for the diverse population of people in my life.

Going back to the ZOOM meeting of teachers after they dropped a collective load, someone who I used to teach with and who knows me a little bit said “I have noticed that the people who are disenfranchised seem to make their way towards you.”

Whoa, I can smell a fancy way of an insult coming my way. Knowing that fact and knowing that some of these people went to church on regular basis, I said “ The man that you follow, Jesus was overtly on the side of the poor, the excluded, the ignored, the disenfranchised and the exploited. He was on their side when it damaged his reputation, his earning potential and any hope he had of moving up the ranks of religious or political power. So, I even though I don’t preach or anything I guess I am following the example that Jesus set.”

Holy shit, the crickets really came out and people started signing off the ZOOM meeting. I felt it was, very sad. These people didn’t get it.

I am so happy for the diverse set of people I associate with. I am proud of each and every one of them. I wouldn’t trade them for any other set of people in the world. Each and every one have enriched my life and expanded my knowledge base. I am so glad for that. From the most right wing person to the most left wing person, each have made my life better.

I love the friends that I have and hopefully I can meet more from all walks of life to make my life richer.

Just a simple man, finding his voice. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not politically correct and not that intellectual but just curious about the world.