In a Sucky Place

Man, I haven’t been in the space to write anything lately. I feel that the world is going to fast for me and I need for things to slow down.

The interesting thing is that I wake up in the middle of night with all these ideas of things to write and then I get busy with work and shit and I lose the ideas.

The sad thing is that I have been doing a unit for my students on Living Well and Living to an old age and I haven’t doing much of what I have been teaching them.

I just realized that, after school yesterday. I was looking at the ELA assignments that we did this week and I am not living the examples that I am having them read about.

I guess that is the sucky place I am right now.

I need to remember that the road less traveled is never the easy path, but it is the rewarding one.

I need to keep it mind.



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Patrick weseman

Just a simple man, finding his voice. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not politically correct and not that intellectual but just curious about the world.