What is Sophistication

It is one of the words in the English language that I truly hate- Sophistication, Sophisticated or any of its brother and sister words. Whenever I hear it used it by people, it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I know the word is an adjective and means- Having, revealing, or proceeding from a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.

I guess I hate it because it has been used against me in so many situations. I will admit that I am pretty much a simple with simple thoughts but I am always being called unsophisticated by others.

It weird how we define sophisticated in this country. It is being defined by people who just want to sell you something. By this TV, Buy these clothes, Buy this and buy that and bingo you are a sophisticated person.

The funny thing is those who say that I am unsophisticated are usually the ones who own everything that the ads and what people have told them. It is pretty amazing.

As I have written, my motto in life is “You were born an original, why die a copy.” Too many people are happy in dying a fucking copy.

They want to buy all the shit that is pitched to them. They look at stuff on the TV or some other media and it like “OOOH, I need that” and they buy it. Then they show it off and they are suddenly sophisticated.

One thing, I really hated (and it one of my misgivings) was when my kids were played little league sports and having to go to the team parties. (To me) It was a case of people saying “OOH, look what I have among the fucking parents”. I never hosted a team party as my house is pretty boring. I don’t have a swimming pool, I don’t have a video-game system or a lot of stuff that people consider sophisticated these days.

I still remember a party at one parent’s house and he had just wired his house to have XM radio (this was like 14 years ago) through out his house. All the men were grouped together (Tangent: it was weird that the men were always grouped together and the women were always grouped together) and it was all “OOH’s and AHHH’s and I heard someone say how sophisticated him, his family and his house. I remember feeling like shit, I had just bought a record player (this was before record players were cool), had set it up and was enjoying my records again and thinking I was hot stuff. Wrongo there.

I am not totally hip about modern things. I do have electricity, cell phones, a couple of smart TV’s, computers and the internet.

I also have about eight full bookcases of books. Something I didn’t really see in a lot of those sophisticated homes I was in. All kinds of books everything from reference books to autobiographies to political books (both on the left and right)

I also have a bunch stuff on the walls that I have found in different places. With sophisticated people their homes look like something that had a design team (they may paid for it) consult for it. Well, I pretty much have stuff I like and have found from all parts of the globe. It doesn’t make sense.

Recently I was out with some friends and were having drinks at an outside dining place (before they closed everything down) and I ordered a Beer and a Fireball and Coke. Holy shit, I was hounded by people that I should be drinking something more sophisticated, like Tom Collins, a Dry Martini, a Whiskey Sour or something of that nature. That became whole topic of their conversation.

What I am learning is that sophistication in the country is not about finding out your own tastes and interests but to follow the crowd. And to me the word sophistication means that you are a follower.




Just a simple man, finding his voice. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not politically correct and not that intellectual but just curious about the world.

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Patrick weseman

Patrick weseman

Just a simple man, finding his voice. Nothing more and nothing less. I am not politically correct and not that intellectual but just curious about the world.

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